Terms and Conditions


  1. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  2. Orders will be invoiced at prices prevailing at time of shipment.
  3. On all qualified program orders, discount will be reflected in net pricing on the invoice.


  1. Purchase of merchandise is for retail sales to end-use consumers only, and purchaser will not act in any wholesale capacity to resell said merchandise to other than retail enduse consumers without the express written authorization of Northam Tactical Ltd.


  1. Please inspect all shipments.
  2. Verify the total number of cartons and check exterior of cartons for damage.
  3. All claims for loss of damaged shipments must be made directly to delivery carrier.
  4. Discovery of shortage due to packing errors must be reported in writing within 10 days of receipt.
  5. Adjustments will only be made if reported within specified time frame.


  1. All merchandise contained in our catalog is sold under the condition that we cannot guarantee the user freedom of injury.
  2. The user assumes all risks entailed in action and no company representative can change or waive this condition.


  1. Cancellation of an order must be in writing and received by Northam Tactical Ltd. 30 days prior to ship date


  1. Adjustments that exceed 10% of the dollar value of the order will result in loss of terms and discounts.
  2. Adjustments must be received 30 days prior to scheduled start ship date.


  1. Restocking Fee – 15% of return
  2. Resalable Condition Fee - Actual hours needed to get product to standard selling condition @ $30.00 per hour
  3. Drop Ship Fee - $4.00 per order
  4. Below minimum order (3 pair) - Handling fee of $5.00

These terms and conditions supersede all previous documented and undocumented terms and conditions pertaining to business with Northam Tactical Ltd.